What Are the Different Types of Kitchens?

If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for your family, invariably, you will want the space to look attractive, appealing, and comfortable.

Being a special place where you create life-enriching nourishment, it ought to be functional and practical.

Whether you are setting up a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, it should be able to comfortably accommodate a sink, storage cabinets for keeping groceries and utensils, cooktop, refrigerator, etc.

There are different types of kitchen that you can choose to fit your décor, style, or comfort, but it all boils down to the space available and the design of your house.

Want to choose a design that will make you comfortable and happy when making delicious meals (like fresh kielbasa) for yourself or your family?

Read on!

The Different Types of Kitchen

L-shape Kitchen

L-shape Kitchen

This is a kitchen type that is adaptable to any kind of house and allows for optimum counter space.

An L-shape kitchen is an excellent option if you live in a small house with limited space.

This design typically sees two walls create a design that will accommodate countertops, appliances, cabinets, etc.

However, you can customize this type of kitchen to suit your needs by creating a dining area.

If you live in a studio-style or open-room apartment, the L-shape kitchen will easily give you the flexibility to entertain guests or relate with your family when cooking, considering that they get built into corners, they promote space for other activities.

Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen

An Island kitchen is a countertop that is not attached to the main kitchen area, making it accessible from all sides.

What makes this kitchen type unique is the ease of using the workspace as a dining area, while also having extra space that you can use when preparing the condiments.

The central location of the workspace makes it conducive as a storage pad with drawers for keeping cutlery, utensils, and other cooking utensils.

Such designs could also comfortably accommodate a waste disposal unit where you can slice or chop your fruits or vegetables.

The kitchen type is excellent for a family with kids or one that loves having guests around.

Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula Kitchen

Choosing a peninsula kitchen design means your kitchen will be without one wall. It is also likened to a parallel kitchen or free-standing workspace.

This type of kitchen has an extension from a side wall (cabinet with access from three sides).

Since a peninsula kitchen is on one side, you can have a workstation with a tabletop, sink, or cabinets for storing pieces of stuff or cooking utensils.

If your kitchen space is not ample enough, using this layout will help you maximize it.

An added benefit is being able to access it from three sides.

Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

A galley(parallel) kitchen is of two types, namely single or double galley with counter space. Both have rows of cabinets or appliances facing each other.

There is a walkway opened at one or both ends in-between that people can walk through when working in the kitchen.

You can likewise refer to it as a walkthrough kitchen.

Since the name is derived from a ship’s galley, it means it is ideal in places where there isn’t much space such as a restaurant or a one-cook kitchen.

In any case, they have adequate storage capacity.

The galley kitchen, however, does not have space for dining, so you can’t interact with friends and family when cooking.

U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

Popularly known as the horseshoe kitchen, it has three walls with appliances and cabinets adjoining each other, making it ideal as a storage area and working space at the same time.

Although it resembles a parallel kitchen, it has one end closed and the other end open for moving around when preparing meals.

Choosing a U-shaped kitchen gives you ample space for cooking, storage, and having a dining area also makes it easy to have access to whatever cooking utensils you may need.

The style fits into a large, medium, or small kitchen, but without room for chairs and tables.

One-wall Kitchen

One-wall Kitchen

Since most small apartments have limited space for a kitchen, adopting the straight or one-wall design allows you to have counter space on both sides of the cooktop.

With your cooking area and appliances streamlined along one wall, you can reach everything you need with ease.

Best of all, this kitchen style can stay hidden inside a cupboard or behind a rolling or sliding door in a studio apartment.

One-wall kitchen design makes your kitchen look tidy and neat. It also provides the best use of storage space and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Styles

Kitchen Styles​

Beyond the types outlined above, some styles used in the design of kitchens will add vibrancy and aesthetic value to the kitchen.

The style you will adopt should suit your personality, preference, and lifestyle, but the kitchen should remain functional and workable, above all other considerations.

Traditional Style

This style offers a timeless, elegant, comforting, and clean feel that is appealing to the eyes.

To get the grand traditional look, you will make use of polished hardwood floors, gleaming marble countertops, paneled cupboard doors, stainless steel appliances, etc.

The duo of dark brown and crisp brown woods, tailored-made upholstered seats, and handcrafted drawer pull enhances its aesthetics.

Contemporary Style

This a mixture of the old and new design elements with a focus on surfaces, colors, and materials.

There is a lack of symmetry but more of a geometric look thanks to the use of horizontal lines that makes it user-friendly.

In a contemporary styled kitchen, the use of lacquer and chrome detailing brushed silver knob, and concrete flooring aids visual appeal.

Using a polished granite top and using colors that are vivid adds to its beauty and simplicity.

The construction style and choice of materials also promote peace and tranquility.


Whether you are a keen cook, professional chef, or you have just started navigating around a kitchen, your kitchen style should inspire you to make delicious meals (bacon jerky) always.

Having the mindset that your kitchen is more than a cooking space should help you make the right decision.

Also, your kitchen space will be the key to choosing the best design and layout that will ensure food prep, cooking, and family/friends time enjoyable and comfortable always.

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