How to Slice Cheese Thinly?

Whether you want to eat Dubliner cheese from Ireland, Cremoso cheese from Argentina, or Gruyere cheese from Switzerland, if it is not well-sliced, you will not enjoy it.

Having a passion or an obsession with cheese is not enough, you must factor in the shape, texture, flavor, and size into the way you cut the piece to get that satisfaction you so crave.

In as much as the taste of food is essential in the grand scheme of things, the presentation of a meal also goes a long way to either stimulate or reduce your appetite.

Even if you have the best cheese/meat slicer in the world, but do not know how to use it to slice cheese thinly for different dishes, your effort would have been a waste of time.

Stick with us as we embark on a journey to showing you the best ways to cut the different types of cheese, whether you are cooking for your home or at a professional level.

Items needed

  • A clean board
  • A smooth and sharp kitchen knife
  • Wire cheese cutter or slicer
  • A clean serving tray

What Are the Techniques for Slicing Each Type of Cheese?

Techniques for Slicing

To get the best cheese-eating experience, you need to have a proper understanding of the different textures and types of cheese available. Some of these are:

Types of cheese

  • Blue cheese
  • Cheese blocks
  • Cheese logs
  • Cheese wedges

The methods for slicing them are described below:

Semi-soft wedges

  • Use a sharp knife to cut the pyramid or wheel of cheese into smaller wedges so that it will be easy to serve and eat
  • You can put the tip of your knife into the center of the cheese and cut it into wedges of about 1-2 inches wide
  • This can be for either soft, medium, or hard cheese. You should get 8-16 thinly sliced pieces of cheese when done
  • Before you eat the cheese, cut off the wax rind from the semi-soft wedge
  • Place a knife on the wax outer layer and make a slice along the longest edge using slight pressure
  • Do the same for the shorter side to remove the wax

Soft wedges

Slicing of soft cheese wedges should be applied from the longest side using a sharp knife.

By angling your knife from the tip, you will be able to get thin, even slices that are about ¼-1/2 inches wide depending on what meal you want to serve it with.

Hard or Semi-firm wedges

  • To cut a semi-firm cheese wedge, place the knife at the shortest or thinnest side of the cheese block as you lay it on its side
  • Make a slice on the wedge straight down the width of the cheese measuring ¼-1/3 inches wide
  • Cut the last piece at the thickest side half lengthwise instead of width-wise
  • If you are using goya, romano, or cheddar cheese, you should slice them width-wise

Blue cheese wedge

  • A blue cheese wedge gets sliced from the center on a bias
  • Place the cheese wedge on its side
  • Put the tip of a sharp knife at the center
  • Begin to make your cut using a radial pattern from the outer side till you get to the other side of it
  • The slice is ¼-2/3 inches wide

How to Cut Blocks of Cheese Thinly

Cut Blocks of Cheese Thinly

Different cheese types require different types of cut. These types and methods are described below:

Semi-firm cheese blocks get sliced into triangular bites

  • Cut your block in half to get two rectangles at first
  • Each rectangular piece is then cut to 1/8 inches thick
  • You then slice each piece diagonally to 2 triangles

This method is excellent for slicing Cheddar cheese.

Logs of cheese get cut into even-sized coins

  • Place your knife about 1/8-1/4 inch from the edge of an unwrap chunk of cheese
  • Using medium downward pressure, press the knife in to make a slice
  • Do this continually until you slice through all the cheese log to get 10-18 coins based on the slice-size

This is great for Mozzarella or Fresh goat cheese.

Rectangular blocks of cheese get cut into even cross-section slices

  • Use a large kitchen knife to make slices in rectangular shapes of 1/8-1/4 inches thick
  • The cuts should be evenly spaced from 1 end till you cover the whole length

The best block of cheese for this method is Pepper jack, Swiss, and Colby Jack.

What Are the Best Knives to Cut Your Cheese Thinly?

Best Knives to Cut Your Cheese Thinly

Yes, there are different knives specially designed for specific types of cheese. Knowing which to use for your particular kind of cheese is vital to the success you output you get after slicing.

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Soft Cheese Knife

Soft Cheese Knife​

The Victorinox VIC-271.8652.12US1 Specialty Knife is a soft cheese knife perfect for daily use.

They are long, sharp knives with a tipped end. Also, there are holes in them meant to prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife.

When using it to make your slices, place the knife at the edge of your cheese, then apply firm pressure on it for a few seconds.

It is the perfect knife for slicing into Havarti, and also ideal for picking up the cheese afterward.

Cabana Knife

Cabana Knife​

This is a broad, bell-shaped cheese knife used for chopping off chunks.

Insert into a wheel, wedge, or pyramid of the cheese block, then pull the knife away to separate your cut from the chunk.

With a scooping motion, you lift the cheese.

The cabana is ideal for cutting chunks of Goat and Blue cheese.

Wire Cheese Slicer

Wire Cheese Slicer​

The wire cheese slicer is useful for slicing through medium-hard or medium-soft cheese.

Simply slide the cutter through the cheese block to get your desired slice.

Cheese slices with a wire cheese slicer are 1/8-1/4 inches thick.

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Cheese Plane

Cheese Plane​

A wide cheese grater is manually used by placing your block of cheese on its thinnest side, then put the cheese plane at the edge, and drag it firmly on the cheese.

With this, the groove will slice off the block.

It is the best choice to get very thin slices of cheese.

Final Word

The best way to enjoy cheese in your cheesecake, sandwiches, garlic, toast, etc., is to slice it the right way.

For you to make your cheese slices very thin and admirable, you need to have the right tool and know the best shape for the type of cheese you are putting in your meal.

Having cheese come out in a cube, crumble, triangle, coin shape is a matter of properly following the methods outlined above.

With that, you won’t go wrong with your cheese serving!

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