How to Reheat Rotisserie Chicken?

Everyone loves rotisserie chicken primarily because it is one of the tastiest chicken dishes around.

The beauty of this dish is savored in the moist, tasty flavor, which leaves a satisfying feeling in your mouth and down into your guts.

However, to keep your leftovers moist, crispy, and delicious like the freshly cooked chicken, you’ll need to rely on our old friend, the refrigerator/freezer.

That means you need to reheat your meal before consuming it once again.

As such, you need to know and use the right method to reheat it, so it doesn’t become dry, tough, and flavorless.

Since you aren’t able to finish a whole chicken at a go, this article will show you how to reheat your rotisserie chicken.

Let’s read on!

What Are the Different Methods Available for Reheating Rotisserie Chicken?

Reheating in the Oven

Reheating in the Oven​

Using an oven to reheat your rotisserie chicken will keep the inside moist and succulent, leaving the skin crispy and inviting at the same time.

  • Preheat the oven to 3500 F
  • Place the chicken in an oven-safe dish after removing from the packaging
  • Pour a cup of chicken broth, gravy or water in the bottom of the bowl (depending on the size of the chicken and your taste)
  • Use aluminum foil to cover the dish tightly if it doesn’t have an oven-safe lid
  • Put the covered chicken in the oven and leave for 25 minutes
  • Use an instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part to check if it is up to 165 F
  • Take off the foil or lid and leave in the oven for five more minutes
  • Remove from oven after skin turns crispy or golden

For a bigger size chicken, you can go for much longer to prevent ending up with a partly warm rotisserie chicken that is not heated thoroughly.

If you love your chicken extra-crispy, you can turn your oven to broil and leave it in for 10-15 seconds at intervals until you get your desired level of crispiness.

Sautéing on the Stovetop

Sautéing on the Stovetop​

This is an ideal, easy, and quick way to warm up small pieces or portions of rotisserie chicken that you want to put into a salad or as a side dish.

  • Cut the chicken portion to eatable chunks
  • Pour 5-15ml of canola, vegetable or coconut oil into a pan or skillet over medium-high heat
  • Put the shredded pieces of chicken into the hot oil and begin to stir
  • Keep stirring with a spatula to prevent the parts from sticking together as it cooks for 4-5 minutes
  • Turn off the heat when it is completely hot to rule out burnt edges
  • Remove from the pan and dig in

Sautéing allows you to turn your steaming hot rotisserie chicken into a colorful meal since you can add some ingredients such as spinach, chopped pepper, mushrooms, or canned tomatoes.

The less the oil, the better to prevent overcooking the chicken!

Reheating in the Microwave

  • Program your microwave settings to 70% or medium
  • Shred or cut the chicken into portions to speed up the reheating process
  • Place the chicken into a microwave-safe dish or plate by arranging the small pieces in the middle and the meatiest fragments around the edges of the bowl, so the reheating can be even
  • Moist the chicken by pouring teriyaki or barbeque sauce on it
  • Use a microwave-safe plastic wrap or damp paper towel to cover the dish
  • Put into the microwave oven and reheat for 2-3 minutes
  • Turn over the pieces and stir in the sauce
  • Check the center of the thickest portion to confirm that it has cooked to at least 1650 F using an instant-read meat thermometer

To make the skin of the rotisserie chicken crispy, you can transfer it in an oven-safe plate to a 3500 F-hot oven belly and heat for 5 minutes.

The cooking time depends on the size and amount of the chicken cuts, while not forgetting the microwave heat level.

Using a microwave helps to maintain the fresh flavor of your rotisserie chicken to the last piece since it does not dry it out.

Reheating With an Air Fryer

Reheating With an Air Fryer​

A great way of reheating your rotisserie chicken to get the fresh taste and extra-crispy chicken skin is using an air fryer.

  • Turn your air fryer to 3500 F
  • Place the chicken in the air fryer after removing from the packaging
  • Set the timer to 3-4 minutes until the heat has gone through and the skin is crispy
  • Remove from the fryer and munch to your satisfaction

With an air fryer, you need not spend much time reheating your chicken. This method is also much easier compared to other techniques you might have been experimenting with.

Reheating With a Pressure Cooker

  • Put water inside the pressure cooker
  • Place the chicken on the trivet inside the pressure cooker and cover with an aluminum foil
  • Cover the pressure cooker
  • Set the vent to ‘sealed’ and allow it steam for 4-6 minutes
  • Do a quick release intermittently to let off the pressure remaining in the cooker

Remove the chicken from the pot if you have achieved the right temperature or leave for an extra two minutes.

An alternative way of using your pressure cooker is the pot-in-pot method.

  • Put a cup of water into the pressure cooker
  • Shred the rotisserie chicken into pieces and put them into heatproof containers
  • Add a little quantity of water or oil if needed
  • Use aluminum foil to cover the containers and arrange in the pressure pot
  • Leave the chicken to steam for 5 minutes and let the cooker release itself naturally

Check out the Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker; it’s the ideal kitchenware for this purpose.

Reheating With an Instant Pot

You might have been wondering if it is possible to reheat rotisserie chicken in an instant pot?

You can!

What is the function of an instant pot?

It is a multi-cooker that serves several purposes in the kitchen. These include slow cooking, steaming, sauté, and reheating of food.

With the “delayed start” feature, you can set your food to be ready when you need it.

If you do not want to use a microwave due to safety concerns to reheat your rotisserie chicken, an instant pot will be preferable.

  • Put water into the pot to prepare the steam required for reheating
  • Place the chicken on the trivet, ensuring it is well-fitted in the right position
  • You may not add oil because of the moisture and fat content in the chicken
  • Cover the dish with aluminum foil to protect the chicken from getting soaked in the condensation
  • Set the vent to ‘sealing’ and closing the lid
  • The instant pot should be set for 5 minutes on steam pressure
  • You can quick-release the pressure of the instant pot
  • Remove the chicken from the instant pot then pieces are evenly warmed

Note that you need to have heatproof containers for the chicken before placing them on the trivet. This is crucial when using instant pots for reheating.

Another added advantage is that you can make use of the leftover liquids and drippings from the instant pot to make broth when done.

Take a look at this Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. It’s perfect for reheating rotisserie chicken.

Reheating in a Grill

Reheating in a Grill​
  • Cut the rotisserie chicken into even pieces (promotes even heat)
  • If the chicken is very meaty, you can pound it gently if necessary
  • Oil the grill grate lightly and preheat to low-medium-high heat till you get the right temperature H2O
  • Arrange the pieces of chicken in a single layer with even space between them
  • Turn the chicken to the other side after 3 minutes
  • Use the instant-read thermometer to check that the chicken is well grilled by inserting the device into the thick part of the flesh
  • When the temperature of the reheated chicken reaches 1650 F, remove from the grill
  • Place the chicken on a clean plate and leave for a few minutes (doing this will preserve the juice in the chicken

Whenever you are reheating your chicken with a grill, it is better to use the slow and low settings: moving from slow to moderate (3000-3500 F).

Using a grill to reheat a whole or portions of the rotisserie chicken is excellent if you keep it well covered to prevent it from burning or drying out. You can achieve this by turning and checking it frequently.

Final Word

The health benefits of rotisserie chicken make it appealing to many. It contains vitamin B-12, protein, and other essential materials. It will be a shame to let such a sumptuous meal go to waste.

No matter the method you use to reheat your rotisserie chicken, most of the original taste, flavor, and nutrient still get retained.

To save time, money, and resources, only preheat the quantity you can finish at a meal. For health reasons, it is not advisable to heat food more than once.

If you have any leftover reheated chicken, you can add to your stew or soup immediately!

The critical thing to note when using any of the methods for reheating discussed above is to ensure the reheated rotisserie chicken is still tender, juicy, delicious, and hasn’t dried out.

Enjoy your meal!

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