Can You Boil Water in an Instant Pot?

The best answer to this question is yes! In fact, it is the first thing you do when learning how to utilize an instant pot. But what exactly is an instant pot? Well, it is a practical small kitchen gadget that is also known as an electric pressure cooker.

Aside from boiling water, it is also used for other variety of tasks. These will include cooking rice, steaming veggies, and making a cake, among others. Unlike other regular stoves used for boiling water, the instant pot is airtight, quick, and convenient.

Types of Instant Pot Models


There are approximately 20 different types of instant pot models and sizes to choose from. These will include Instant pot Max, Instant pot ultra, instant pot duo, and Instant pot Viva among others. The size ranges from three to eight quarts.

The three-quart will be enough for a family of about two to three people. On the other hand, 5 to 6 quart is ideal for around four to six individuals, while eight quarts can serve more than six people. Therefore, you can make your decision based on the number of individuals you will be serving.

Also, you should keep in mind that every model has got its unique features. For instance, there are those with a smart Wi-Fi version for instant control and monitoring through a smart-phone or tablet.

You can also come across models that have a yogurt-making feature. In that case, your model choice will, therefore, be based on what you are planning to use your cooker for.

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How to Boil Water Using an Instant Pot?


This may sound absurd, mainly if you are an experienced cook. However, learning how to boil water is essential for some reasons. First of all, it helps you become comfortable with your gadget. It is also an approved way of making sure that your instant pot is working appropriately.

So, learning how to boil water is not only meant for amateur cooks only but also the experienced ones. With this, you will avoid common mistakes that most people commit unknowingly when using this appliance. Below are several steps on how to boil water using an instant pot.

  • Put a cup of water or so in the inner pot of your instant pot. That will help you understand where the fill line is, among other things
  • Place the lid on top of your instant pot then seal the valve
  • Ensure you set to high pressure then select a short cooking time of about 3 minutes. That can be achieved by hitting the cooking time or manual button. Once done, click minus or plus until the screen reads “3”
  • Once the pot reaches the required pressure, it will start counting down from 3 to 0.
  • Your cooker will then beep and change to “keep warm” function
  • If you want to turn your appliance off, then hit the “off” button and wait for it to read “off”
  • Give your instant pot some time to release the pressure then remove the lid and dump water out

How to Release Pressure from an Instant Pot

Pressure release

There are two ways in which you can release pressure from your appliance once you are done boiling water. These will include natural and manual pressure release.

Natural Pressure Release

Here, the valve found on the lid remains in a sealing position. After some time, the pressure dissipates naturally. Well, all this takes approximately 20 minutes to more than 1 hour to be completed.

Manual Pressure Release

When it comes to manual pressure release or quick release, in other words, you will have to move the valve into a venting position. Once done, wait for the steam to shoot out of it as the pressure is released. Although this method is faster than the natural one, water can take about 15 minutes to complete the release process.

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How Instant Pots Work

Before anything else, you should note that the functionality of this product revolves around thermodynamics. The cooking space in an instant pot bears high atmospheric pressure, and the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling temperatures.

Once you boil water with other regular stoves, it changes its form from liquid to gas molecules or vapor. Since the gas molecules are lighter than the liquid molecules, they tend to rise in an open space then escape into the air naturally. However, things are different when it comes to the instant pot.

The gas molecules are usually trapped since there is nothing to push them back, such as the gas pressure. With the high gas pressure in the air, it becomes impossible for water to change into a gaseous state. Otherwise, the process would have increased gas pressure, which can lead to evaporation.

The instant pot is, therefore, excellent in boiling water because, in normal conditions, water cannot be hotter than 100°C.  It is also the reason why steaming your food with water vapor is recommendable. Isn’t it economical and time saving to prepare food at 200 degrees Celsius vapor compared to 100°C boiling water?

Another benefit of using instant pot is that, at 200°C, the water vapor holds several times more energy of the boiling water. So, it is okay to boil water using an instant pot. However, you have to be cautious when removing the rid.

If you only have unpurified water, but you need a clean supply for your baby, instant pot will come in handy. It creates an environment, which allows boiling of more than 100°C. As a result, it becomes easier to destroy harmful micro-organisms, including the bacteria.

Instant Pot can also be utilized as a sterilization tool for baby bottles or jars. Additionally, you can also use it to neutralize certain naturally occurring toxins such as lectin and phytohaemagglutinin.

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Final Word

As earlier mentioned, Instant Pot comes with various programs depending on what you are cooking. When boiling water, you can use the sauté function or steam feature. However, the sauté function is more suitable because it speeds up the heating process. For the best value Instant Pot, we recommend the Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, which has a wide range of features and can be used to prepare an exceptionally large meal.

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