How to Use a Nakiri Knife?

How to Use a Nakiri Knife

A nakiri knife is one kitchen item you cannot help but fall in love with when you use one. Have you ever wondered how chefs cut up frozen veggies? That’s a nakiri knife at work!  Its magic will keep you spellbound, except something else snaps you out of it. This knife can slice cheese also … Read more

How to Make Waffles Without a Waffle Iron?

How to Make Waffles Without a Waffle Iron

Lovers of crispy, delicious waffles know that breakfast is never complete without some good old waffles. Saturday and Sunday mornings will feel empty without a taste of nicely charred and flavored waffles. Nothing else makes your day better than eating what you love. Loading your waffles with syrup will take it to a whole new … Read more

The 7 Best Range Hoods for Gas Stoves of 2021

Best Range Hoods for Gas Stove

The best range hoods for gas stoves are not just practical installments to your kitchen setup, but can also add a tremendous amount of aesthetic value depending on what model you choose. With so many options available, finding the best range hood for your kitchen can be a lot more confusing than you think. In … Read more

How to Slice Cheese Thinly?

How to Slice Cheese Thinly

Whether you want to eat Dubliner cheese from Ireland, Cremoso cheese from Argentina, or Gruyere cheese from Switzerland, if it is not well-sliced, you will not enjoy it. Having a passion or an obsession with cheese is not enough, you must factor in the shape, texture, flavor, and size into the way you cut the … Read more

How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowls?

How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowls

The warmth and subtleness that wooden salad bowls bring to the décor of your dining room sure do make family mealtime cheerful and worth looking forward to. Wooden bowls make the colors of salads vibrant and appealing to the eyes, and extension, the taste bud! However, taking care of them is a different ball game … Read more

How to Use a Hot Plate?

How to Use a Hot Plate

Are you interested in a device that will enable you to cook your favorite meals anytime and anywhere? Get a hot plate! A hot plate is a portable device with an internal electric heating element or burner (which may be one, two, or more) used for heating or cooking food. It is mostly used as … Read more